Words from the Guest Editor – Kate Birch

Keywords: Changing the vaccine paradigm, Homeoprophylaxis, Disease as intelligent beings.

Once we may have thought that vaccinations and antibiotics were a god-send. However the questionable safety of the vaccine method, and the subsequent overlook of the possibility that infectious disease may actually serve a purpose to health and human evolution brings to bear a multitude of questions and concerns.

In my opinion the most powerful remedies we have in our Homeopathic Materia Medica are the nosodes; those remedies made from diseased tissue or discharges from a person experiencing the acute exonerative process of infectious disease. In homeopathy we know that which can make us sick in crude form has the power to heal when given in a diluted (potentized) form.. Accordingly, the more potential an infectious agent has to induce ill health, the inverse is true when this agent is used in homeopathic dilution.

From the articles in this issue what will become apparent to the reader is that infectious disease agents are intelligent beings with their own right and will to survive. By design they are an offering to mankind to bring balance. While it is true that in crude form their actions can be violent or life threatening and have the potential to permanently disfigure and harm, when experienced in a homeopathic attenuated form, this mild stimulus of the normal and natural immunological processes of a fever and discharge activates the will to survive and purification in the human being. Their message can be heard loud and clear and through correct support, their message can be integrated into an individual’s evolution.

In contrast, these messages, when given in the form of a vaccine, and because of all of the additional ingredients (immune-suppressors and stimulators, preservatives, foreign incubation host mediums and heavy metals) their messages are bound to be eternally stuck in the human body and malinger on towards chronic disease.

Around the world there is a call for different disease prevention options. The World Health Organization realizes that antibiotics have contributed to an ever increasing number of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. Viral strains of the commonly vaccinated against diseases have mutated so that the old vaccines no longer provide protection to the new strains. Moreover, while the conventional stance claims that vaccinations have nothing to do with the alarming increase in the global autism rate, social media platforms are abound with thousands of stories about how such and such vaccine harmed this child, begging us to come to a different conclusion.

I believe Homeopathy is poised to fulfill this international call for a safe and effective disease prevention method: The practical application of HP on a large scale is within our reach. The obstacles to this application are protean but there is a growing holistic health care movement driven by parents wanting safe alternatives for their children and evidence of the failures of vaccines, CDC fraud and cover–ups of safety and efficacy in their global disease eradication efforts are demanding a different solution.

One thing I ask the readers to be aware of as they read through these articles, and that is the need for proactive language with regards to what we are doing when we are preventing disease. The vaccine paradigm has us pitted against disease – we are the good guys and disease is the baddie. HP on the other hand is seen as an education process and a working with the body, its application arising from the benevolence of the body’s healing potential to strengthen the individual in the face of disease. For the most part most of the articles presented use this kind of language when describing HP. Some articles do not do so that much and I do believe this is an error in communication; either through wanting to use the same language of the vaccine paradigm so as to capture the attention of those in fear of disease or is a true mis-understanding of the use of HP by the writer. Nonetheless, when you see a phrase like ‘the use of HP against a particular disease’ remember these thoughts and translate in your mind to – ‘the use of HP to educate towards a disease process’.

This edition of the California Homeopath offers a survey of hope in the practice of Homeopathy and Homeoprophylaxis in addressing the real issue of disease treatment and prevention. The articles presented herein represent range from philosophical papers (Thesis on the Essence of Infectious Disease, The Beneficial Role of Acute Disease, Attempts to Solve the Controversies of Homeopathic Prophylaxis) to real time applications of HP and infectious disease management and introduce additional methods of conveying remedy sources (Malaria prevention in Africa, EBOLA Rears its Head Again). The two papers on the research of HP (Questionnaire Survey on Homeoprophylaxis, Literary review on the research of Homeopathic treatment and prevention of Malaria) offer some insights into the complexity of the issues and validation of HP through research. Various aspects of the application of remedies for disease prevention in clinical practice are covered by Homeoprophylaxis in flu prevention, Responses to HP Nosodes, and HP in a Whooping Cough Epidemic.

To round out the conversation and give insight into the socio-political environment homeopaths live in when faced with the media driven, government backed opposition to HP, the paper Excerpts from ‘Unexpected Chronicles of a Homeopath’ reveals the complexities and obstacles of overcoming the heavily entrenched disease prevention model of vaccination. The article on Speaking with Parents about Homeoprophylaxis sheds light on the simplicity of the kitchen conversation that will eventually spread to every household looking for an alternative. And finally the review of recently held first ever conference on homeoprophylaxis in the United States; Homeoprophylaxis a World Wide Choice is more than just a review of a conference but an appeal to mankind and the love of humanity for us all to look for something more, to see what there is already on the planet and to be ready to roll up our sleeves and jump with both feet into the next evolutionary step in disease prevention programs even if we do not know what it looks like just yet or how to get there.

I have enjoyed reading through the works of these internationally renowned homeopaths, authors and contributors, and acknowledge their contributions toward the growing health care movement away from vaccines towards the gifts the HP method has to offer. Enjoy.