Thesis on the Essence of Infectious Diseases and Pathogens – Torako Yui


This article explores the nature of microorganisms, pathogens, human beings, species and cross-species infections, and the intersection of the mind, body and soul in homeopathic philosophy.

Keywords: Species Specificity of Pathogens, Susceptibility, Animalization of humans, Mold, Souls of organisms, Values, Miasms, Constitutional frailties, Inner child, Three dimensional prescription.

We are surrounded by countless bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc., but pathogens, in other words, agents which can infect and do bad things to humans are only a few among them. We have to think why one could be a pathogenic and the other could not be?

Pathogens originally have a principle, called ‘species specificity.’ That is, pigs are infected only from pigs, chickens infected only from chickens and humans infected only from humans. It is a fundamental principle that pathogens which infect pigs do not infect chickens or humans and pathogens which infect humans do not infect pigs or chickens. The much-hyped new strain of influenza, H1N1 in 2009 was initially influenza in pigs (swine flu). However, it was originally impossible that humans could contract influenza from pigs.

I am assuming that the reason why pathogens have ‘species specificity’ is because pathogens were generated by each species (organism)…although this view is different from a the common view…in other words, I think that a disease is a stagnation of vitality and that what can stagnate a flow of the vitality is a consciousness with a purpose (an ego, = values). If a pathogen is generated from the stagnation of the flow of the vitality, it cannot be recognized because it is originally a part of the organism (= immune response cannot work), then it infects and proliferates (= has pathogenicity). In short, the reason why pathogens have ‘species specificity’ is because the disease of the organism turns into a pathogen. I think this is why pigs infect pathogens of pigs, chickens infect pathogens of chickens and humans infect pathogens of humans.

Although I stated that a pathogen is a disease (a stagnation of the vitality = values) that an organism has turned into an organism, why it infects only a specific species could be examined through the following possible causes:

  1. An organism (human) has a disease, because of heredity. There is a possibility that this disease was inherited to the organism. The organism with the disease spreads the disease by increasing their descendants.
  2. Another possibility why organisms have the same disease is that a pathogen which was generated from within the species has collectively infected many others and they could not push the pathogen out and eventually adopted it. When there is a bad environment and the vitality has been lowered due to a stress, an organism is easily infected. It could be said that the reason why an organism becomes infected was because it originally had a factor to be easily infected by the pathogen (susceptibility). It means that a disease (= values / fixation) which was generated in a specific species has the possibility of generating this disease on the whole species.
  3. An organism/species has a particular constitutional frailty. I think that constitutional frailties are slightly different, depending on the species, and there are species specificity of pathogens because the same species have the same frailties constitutionally.

Therefore, pathogens of pigs or chickens are different from that of humans. As they are obviously foreign bodies for humans, there is no scope for humans to proliferate or infect or animal pathogens to others.

By the way, humans have words and letters, and concepts and ideas, so with regards to humans, a disease could also be spread through an infection of values by words and letters. I think, in this way, diseases on a species have spread through infection by heredity and pathogens or infection of values by words or letters.

Animalization of Humans

Well, it could be said that pigs have their own susceptibilities and diseases, chicken have their own susceptibilities and diseases, and humans have their own susceptibilities and diseases. The reason why organisms that are more domesticated, such as humans or domestic animals, tend to fall ill easily is probably because they have separated their own life from nature.

However, if immunity gets extremely lowered, humans sometimes can contract a pathogen of animals or plants across the species barrier. This is evidence that humans’ ability to recognize self and non-self is weakened. The immunity of not only humans, but domestic animals, gets lowered if they are pushed into a narrow place in an unnatural environment. Here they will easily contract a pathogen. Therefore, when humans fall ill with a condition and their immunity is reduced by half and they cannot distinguish between self and non-self, they can contract even influenza of pigs or chickens and cannot repel it. To sum this up, it means that human immunity has been lowered to such an extent that they cannot distinguish between humans and pigs or humans and chickens.
Then, the possibility that humans will turn into chickens or pigs by infecting pathogens of chickens or pigs would not be an absurd story. I think that contracting a pathogen of chickens or pigs means accepting a disease of chickens or pigs, alternatively, perhaps humans had the disease of chickens or pigs originally and through their domestication set up the scenario for them to become infected.

And with that, I thought why have humans turned into chickens or pigs? Of course, I understand if immunity gets lowered extremely, humans become not able to distinguish between self and non-self and contract disease across a species barrier. However, I wonder why so many people are infected with this.

Firstly, Edward Jenner inoculated humans with cowpox virus. He rubbed a pathogen, which infects cows, into the human body directly. It means that many people were embedded with a disease of cows. I think it is an inevitable result that humans will turn into cows as humans have now been embedded with a part of the cow’s morbid life.

Secondly, Louis Pasteur developed the basis of the current vaccine method. The idea is to attenuate pathogens by incubating the pathogens in other animals. It means that a pathogen of humans is embedded in an animal to mutate and then is used for humans. Pasteur used dogs and rabbits to attenuate the rabies virus. By the way, if it is an inactivated vaccine, which is not live vaccine, such as influenza vaccine, it is not necessary to attenuate.

I think it is not impossible that human’s life has been animalized even to some extent by being embedded with various animals’ diseases through the use of vaccinations.

At present, the production of vaccines uses mice’s brains, dog’s or monkey’s kidneys, and chicken’s eggs to multiply the pathogen. The pathogens mutate and change to an animal’s disease, which is then inoculated into the human body.

The British homoeopath, Dr. James Compton Burnett, who lived in the same era with Pasteur, criticized Pasteur’s method, saying ‘he dilutes (attenuates) in an extraordinary way.’ ‘If it needs to be diluted, homoeopathy is enough’. Then, he practiced homoeoprophylaxis (with smallpox and rabies nosodes) and got good results. For more on the story of Pasteur and Burnett, please read my work ‘The Thesis of Immunization Impossible.’

Reasons why Pathogens are Increasing

We have a frailty of infecting to contract pathogens from another species, and I would like to say there is a possibility that this frailty (a disease) has been embedded in the human system because of vaccinations.

Nowadays, it is frequently said that the presence of mold in the human is feared. However, mold has co-existed with humans in the past and has not changed. What has changed is our immunity. The conventional way of thinking is totally opposite. To begin with, penicillin is an antibiotic derived from blue mold. I sometimes think ‘how can we say that injecting antibiotics (molds) so often has absolutely nothing to do with introducing mold into a body?’ The reason why I am raising this issue is because, very clearly from my clinical experience, people who have frequently taken a lot of antibiotics have a tendency of being full of mold or fungi. Of course, antibiotics also kill good bacteria, therefore, the power balance of bacteria, viruses and mold is lost and molds multiply as a result. I have also observed that common mold can multiply in a human body and it can become pathogenic. However, in contrast to vaccines, I am tempted to doubt the possibility of being embedded by the mold itself from antibiotics alone.

Well, let’s think what could be a reason to call it a pathogen? As it can multiply abnormally in a human’s body, it could be called a pathogen. Even a microbe that produces a toxin cannot be pathogenic as it is harmless if it cannot multiply. This is why if a body can recognize a pathogen as non-self (a foreign body) correctly, it is simply a microbe, and cannot be a pathogenic. As the ability to distinguish between non-self and self is at the basis of immunity, therefore the higher immunity is, the less microbes can become pathogenic. Vice versa, the lower immunity is, the more microbes can become pathogenic. After all, the reason why a microbe becomes a pathogen is because we cannot recognize it as non-self, and have a frailty that allows us to contract the pathogen.

In any case, we have become defeated by mold because our immunity has been lowered. The lower immunity gets the more possibilities that any bacteria, viruses or mold could become very dangerous pathogens and an enemy to be defeated. It is from this reasoning orthodox medicine has developed conventional drugs to kill pathogens and made vaccines to prevent infections.

However, this embedding a new disease in a healthy person under the pretense of disease prevention causes many more people to contract the disease which the conventional prevention was supposed to prevent. Accordingly, using conventional drugs and vaccines leads to the loss of an opportunity to purify toxins in a body. Moreover, it lowers immunity, and more microbes become pathogenic as a result.

It is absolutely ridiculous. If humans keep being so stupid, I think humans’ immunity will get lowered to such an extent as they make an enemy of everything, including themselves (autoimmune disease) before too long. In brief, it is the same condition as AIDS. People die not from the AIDS virus but from a mere mold. I think humans will have to start to wear something like a space suit and become able to live survive only in an aseptic conditions.

Souls that Dwell in Organisms

I stated my hypothesis that a diseased body creates an organism that transforms into a pathogenic organism that multiplies by itself. Because of the ability to multiply means that this new organism must have a will, dwells within it and therefore it has a soul. A soul means it has a purpose of living. As it has a purpose of living, it tries to continue to exist. Organisms invariably have a purpose of living and exist to materialize their purpose. Conversely, if there is not an indwelling purpose (a soul), an organism cannot exist.

I presume that a soul of a pathogen is derived from an unnatural ego (unnatural-self). The true character of the ego is values. What forms the core of the soul is values and an ego is a self who believes its values to be correct. However, righteousness only exists in the ego that believes so. I think a pathogen arises from an unnatural self with unnatural values that has turned itself into an organism.

Values can be good and bad. Holding good means that a soul regards it as good. Therefore, as long as it holds good, it will aim at it. In short, a will arises. The soul has an intention to materialize the good (the purpose). The will (of the soul), which tries to materialize the good, becomes a motivation to keep existing.

A value is a self (an ego), and it could be called a life. In fact, we humans, who carry many values, could be called an aggregation of multiple selves.

If the value goes against a flow of nature, our soul falls ill. A soul is a life which has the purpose of life itself and is the same thing as values and purposes. As our humans’ souls are called ‘Wakemitama (spirits divided by gods)’, they are existences which have the same purpose as the gods. I am imagining that the purpose is that we love everything and do our best for happiness for all. This is so that we all may be in harmony individually and collectively.

If we carry a purpose which does not follow the purpose of humans’ original soul to hold good, we inevitably hurt the soul. It could be said that unnatural values are diseases of souls.

Instinctive Values = Miasms = Constitutional Frailty

In order to keep existing the primary value we all have is ‘living is good’ which all creatures hold. That is why all creatures are desperate to survive. If this value did not exist, many organisms would have already exterminated a long time ago. I am thinking what the value ‘living is good’ turned into an instinct and is of the Leprosy miasm (root miasm). I am thinking that the Leprosy miasm (root miasm) has at its basis, the value ‘living is good.’ Miasms arise out of a struggle with this feeling.

Subsequently, for the biological classification of birds or the mammals in, the value ‘being loved is good’ arises from the value ‘living is good.’ This value is needed until they have grown up because being not loved by their parents in their childhood, leads to death. I think this value of ‘being loved is good’ has turned into the instinct which is from the Psoric miasm. If during our baby time, or childhood this value of ‘being loved is good’ is, it could be said it is necessary. However when we become a full-grown adult, we can live by ourselves without being loved, so at that time it becomes an unnecessary value. However, in the case of humans, as compared to animals, sometimes we cannot let go of the need for that value. This is because we suppressed the emotions of fear or sadness for not being loved in our childhood, and these emotions still remain as unsolved matters. Thus, every time when we encounter an incident of being not loved, the fear emerges and we seek for being loved at any cost. These unsolved emotions and feelings are called the Inner Child.

A remedy which has a deep relation with the theme of love is Sulphur. Sulphur is a representative of a anti-psoric remedy.

With humans, various values have arisen from the value ‘being loved is good’. This is because parents love or do not love their children from their various values. Now this becomes a conditional love. They love or do not love their children depending on their values. Children who received conditional love make efforts in becoming a valuable person to match with their parents’ value. If they do not become the valuable person, they cannot be loved. If they are not loved, they will die. What arises is its representative value of ‘being superior is good’. I consider this value of ‘being superior is good’ has turned into the instinct of the Sycotic miasm. Psora has deep relation with a feeling of fear, and I observe Sycosis has a deep relation with a feeling of sadness. That is why I think a rock salt remedy, Natrum muriaticum, a remedy for sadness, is related to this value. In fact, Natrum muriaticum is a representative remedy of the anti-sycotic miasm.

Many values have also arisen from this value of ‘being superior is good’ that are sycotic as there are many standards of values in superiority. A representative value of this value is ‘winning is good’. In other words, it is a value that being superior to others at competition is good. I think what this value has turned into is the instinct of the Syphilitic miasm. I think that syphilis has a deep relation with a feeling of anger. That is why I think, Mercurius, a remedy for anger, is related to it and a representative anti-syphilitic remedy is Mercurius, indeed.

As chronic miasms are deeply involved with infections of pathogens, it can be considered that psora is related to viruses/bacteria/mites which cause some sort of skin diseases. Sycosis is related to Gonococci and syphilis is related to Treponema pallidum. I stated that an organism contracts a pathogen because of a predisposing miasm (a value) that deals with the pathogen because there is a common constitutional frailty in the organism. Constitutional frailty means miasmatic tendency. It means various diseases can arise, if a miasm is stimulated.

A Pathogen and the Inner Child

My idea is that pathogens are born in the intestines of organisms in many cases. When a thought or a will is suppressed, an emotion arises, but if the emotion is also suppressed, it sinks into the subconscious as an unsolved matter, but it never disappears. The reason why is because it exists with a self that has a value; a source of the energy. This self is called the Inner Child. I am imagining when the unsolved energy is materialized, it converts a bacteria or a virus to a pathogen. I think that this is done in order to indicate the unsolved problem within the self by materializing on the surface.

If it is latent within the self, we cannot notice it. By materializing a thing inside of ourselves to show outside, we can then see ourselves, notice that it was not ourselves and we can have a will to release it. If we do not notice there is a problem, we also cannot release it.

A pathogen means that a value has turned into an organism as a mirror to show an unresolved self-image (Inner Child). That is to say a pathogen is born as a homoeopathic way, which operates at the mercy of nature for an organism of the species, to be able to return to nature’s way.

That is, a pathogen multiplies within an organism because the organism cannot recognize non-self (that is why it becomes pathogenic in the first place). When the organism perceives that it has foreign bodies and recognizes it as a pathogen, when in of itself it is exposed to a danger to life by that multiplication, the innate natural healing power works to push it out. I think the value which is the core of the pathogen is also being pushed out by being recognized as non-self at this time. My interpretation of the role of a pathogen is not to diffuse wholesome values, but rather is informing the self when it is infected by unnatural collective values, thus inducing our natural healing power and extruding these unnatural values by our own power.

On the other hand, when an infection to others is considered, it will only infect if that organism has an internal value which resonates with the value of this pathogen’s soul. Of course, if an organism does not have the value to resonate, but its vitality is extremely weakened, it will accept that value easily as it is too weak to push non-self out. In short, if a vitality or immunity is lowered, it will become infected.

If a symptom arises, as a result of the merciful natural homoeopathic correspondence of the pathogen to our lacking value, and is suppressed, or the pathogen is not pushed out due to extremely lowered immunity because of an extreme stress, it will become chronic, and will turn into a miasm in the course of time.

I think once it turns into a miasm, the unnatural value becomes a matter which is hard to change: Like an instinct it will become difficult to prevent contracting pathogens.


Vaccinations involve injecting an attenuated pathogen into a human body which contains substances, called ‘adjuvants.’ These adjuvants lower the immune response that facilitates the attenuated pathogen from being eliminated. This enables the pathogen to remain in the human body and forces IgG antibodies to exist for a long time period. When IgG antibodies exist in an organism, they act to suppress acute symptoms even when the organism contracts another pathogen.

Conventional medicine claims that this has enabled the preventions of diseases. However, in fact, vaccinations create chronic diseases by and preventing the production of acute symptoms when the organism is exposed to the same pathogen that is in the vaccine. After all, how vaccinations act is not prevention of infectious diseases, but making infectious diseases to be chronic and embedding pathogens in the organism. In other words, what vaccinations are doing is artificially embedding a pathogen which an organism has not yet been exposed to, turning the pathogen into a miasm. As a matter of course, the value which is at the core of the pathogen is embedded at the same time.

I think that humans have been withdrawing from nature more and more since they started to be inoculated. I think since humans have not become able to completely overcome infectious diseases, which are for purifying purpose in nature, they are, at the same time, being embedded with unnatural values. The cause to contract a pathogen is within oneself. In that kind of meaning, I think childhood diseases have an important role to purify values which were taken over from parents and ancestors. I think vaccinations not only deprive us of a chance of purify, but also embed unnatural values and disgrace souls. Moreover, I think that embedding a pathogen which is animal-derived is an act of embedding animal-derived values. That is a big problem.

Zen Homoeopathy

I would have to say that it is difficult to lead modern Japanese patients to be cured if we do not have a deep understanding of an approach towards iatrogenic diseases which are caused by vaccinations and the further suppressions of symptoms due to conventional drugs. These patients that carry pathogens, which have a deep relation with vaccinations and iatrogenic diseases, need chronic miasmic treatment, and exploration into their inner child which is at the root of their lowered immunity.

The core of Zen Homoeopathy is the three-dimensional prescription: The use of anti-chronic miasmatic remedies and various specific homoeopathic remedies to release susceptibilities, and mother tinctures that correspond with malfunctions or dysfunctions of organs, and tissue salts remedies, in order to touch the soul, mind and body at the same time.

However, homoeopathy has limitations in treating diseases of the soul and the mind.

We have to understand that a disease exists in the soul, the mind and the body and how each disease (chronic disease) is formed is individual to the person.

When an emotion arises, it is important to recognize that it may be a suppressed emotion from the past is returning. So, please try to remember the past events in order to release the past emotion. Look to the value which made the emotion to arise, and remember the event which formed the value in order to release the value. Furthermore, the work for regaining oneself from the past infection comes by looking into a real wish of your soul. It is in healing the Inner Child which plays a part of Zen Homoeopathy.

I hope that Zen Homoeopathy is good news for the current situation of iatrogenic disease from vaccines. We cannot lead patients to be cured without having multilateral approach to healings of mind, body and soul at the same time.

Many clients who suffered from intractable diseases that conventional medicine declared ‘incurable’ have been cured by Zen Homoeopathy which is a combination of three dimensional prescriptions and affectionate words (Inner Child healing) from homoeopaths. I wish blessings for Zen Homoeopathy to be known to more people for patients who suffer from intractable diseases.

For further explanation of Zen Homoeopathy, please refer to