Homeoprophylaxis, a World Wide Choice: Conference Review

By Sally Tamplin, Beth Knudsen Spears and Kate Birch

Early October 2015 doctors, researchers, lawyers, educators, homeopaths, naturopaths, and parents gathered in Lewisville, Texas for a two and a half day conference on the subject of health, the immune system, disease prevention models, the issues of vaccination and the benefits of homeoprophylaxis. Organized by Cilla Whatcott and Cathy Lemmon, and sponsored by the Texas Society of Homeopaths, this conference brought educators and leaders from around the world to share with us the breadth of possibilities in the application and successes of homeoprophylaxis for disease prevention and the risks and pitfalls of the current vaccine paradigm.

This conference was intended to wake us all up, to expand our consciousness, to ensure that we leave the safe harbor of conventional thought and venture into unknown waters and broaden our horizons. There is only one constant in life and that is change. What moves us all forward is a willingness to ask questions and to investigate. We do have to ensure that we make good choices for ourselves our families and our patients AND for our planet. When it comes to the question of vaccination we believe that we are almost at a tipping point.

HP is CLEAN and GREEN. It is compatible with nature’s method, which gives us diseases to exercise our immune system. We develop antibodies to that “mal-attunement,” thereby helping us to become more fit and survive in this world. This becomes a cycle. Childhood illnesses are transformative, they educate the immune system and developmental leaps follow. We were reminded of Pasteur’s declaration in the twilight of his life, “the germ is nothing, the constitution is everything.” Of course to us homeopaths this was preaching to the converted! When Cilla spoke at the conclusion of the conference she eloquently reminded us all that we share this planet, humans do not have exclusive rights, the bacteria and viruses will always be there and humanity must find a way to co-exist in harmony.

According to the CDC (Centre Disease Control) in the USA one in twenty five children are being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and they predict that by the year 2032 this number will escalate to 1 in 2 children. We were all in shock when these statistics flashed across the screen presented by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, whistleblower and guest speaker. More to the point, if one in two children are diagnosed with autism in 2032 what will the future look like for our planet? Apocalyptic for sure!

“Autism” has become a household name in the USA. One can see it written everywhere. Isaac Golden reminded us that the same problems were prevalent in the UK and Australia and autism is reported in India and Africa too amongst many other places around the world. What have we done? Who is responsible? What pervading dark force is upon us?

One by one the speakers shared their data and their insights. We learnt about cover-ups and the destruction of documents, considered a felony offense in the USA, and the huge issues pertaining to vaccine safety. We heard revelations that the CDC receives money from big pharma who have control over scientific journals and are fueled by greed and their investors’ interests, certainly not by the health of a nation, and we were all instructed to go forward after the conference and spread the word. What wrongs have been committed must be exposed as we were reminded of the words spoken by the poet Robert Louis Stevenson, “we must at some time sit down to a feast of consequences” and in Andrew Wakefield’s words, pursuing one’s personal quest for justice.

The gentle wisdom of Dr. Harry van der Zee reminded us about the deeper issue that humanity faces: we must alter our consciousness, and there must be a sea change. Simply going to war against the enemy and bringing down those who champion vaccines is not the answer. The Law of Similars is loving what is; as long as you fight it there is resistance, acceptance is everything. Love and holding things in the light will eventually remove the darkness; exposing and only telling the truth will balance the scales again.

Harry, who is also very versed in the birthing process, proposed that the way we now give birth with numerous interventions, anesthetics, hormones and other drugs etc. is causing a separation between the mother and the child and is as problematic as the whole vaccination question. In the end Mother Nature will have the last word and if humanity is to continue then we must return to our roots and to a more natural existence, one steeped in reverence for all life and God’s creation. Let us all take heed and do what we can.

Here is a brief synopsis of each of the presentations listed in order of appearance. (Note: conference recordings are available for purchase HERE.)

6. Ravi Roy and Carola Lage Roy: HOMEOPROPHYLAXIS
8. Ananda More: MAGIC PILLS; A Documentary
9. Dr. Andrew Wakefield: PERSPECTIVE ON AUTISM
10. Cilla Whatcott: THERE IS A CHOICE

Neil is an avid researcher. He has made questioning vaccination his life’s work and we are sure many families must owe a very big thank you to this man’s tenacity, and to the facts and figures that he has brought into the light of the public domain so that the right choices can be made by those who seek the truth.

Neil reminded us that the USA requires 26 vaccines yet 33 nations have better infant mortality rates than us. Research shows that nations requiring the most vaccines have the worse mortality rates! Infants who receive the most vaccines have the worst hospitalization and death rates.

This particular study analyzed 38,000 VAERS reports of infants who had reported adverse events after receiving vaccinations. Neil emphasized that the childhood vaccination schedule is based upon convenience rather than scientific basis, another study of 300,000 plus was analyzed and in this study we discovered that ‘fully’ vaccinated children are significantly more likely to require emergency care than ‘under’ vaccinated children. (Remember this definition of ‘under’ vaccinated is so random, changes from year to year and is based on the economic profits of the pharmaceutical companies, the whim of the CDC and politicians who regulate these requirements, not based on any scientific ‘need’ of the child – if children actually need vaccines is also debatable.)

165 studies have looked at thimerosal (mercury) and have found it to be a problem. Neurodevelopmental disorders are significantly more common in children who have received vaccines containing mercury. Autism, mental retardation and speech disorders were significantly more common in children who received DTaP vaccines with thimerosal. When mercury was removed from many vaccines in 2000 due to public pressure the aluminum content (which is another neurotoxin) was increased by 20%. Comparative studies showed no difference before and after the mercury was removed because the damage remained due to the high levels of aluminum.

Aluminum can cause autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue, joint pain etc. Aluminum can eventually impact the nervous system. Aluminum in vaccines can travel to distant organs such as the spleen and the brain. Aluminum in vaccines can cause neuron death along with motor and memory deficits and explains Gulf War Syndrome where the military received the most number of vaccines of anyone. Vaccine adjuvants such as aluminum in oil and water emulsions may be able to cause autoimmune diseases as the aluminum heightens T2 activity (allergic response).

Neil really needed all day to present his research. His presentation was fast paced with one study after another appearing on his screen and too much detail to be reiterated in this article. A copy of his new book could turn the tide on this whole vaccination issue. This is a must for any homeopaths waiting room table! Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies: 400 Important Scientific Papers Summarized for Parents and Researchers.

Neil reminded us that most influenza vaccines still contain thimerosal. Annual vaccination against common strains of the flu reduces the protective immunity against dangerous strains of disease (“The Lancet” 2009.) Annual vaccination can leave you unprotected against pandemic flu. Some studies showed that Influenza vaccine had -45% efficacy rate. That means you are 45% more likely to get the flu if you got the vaccine! A 2010 study showed that prior vaccination against seasonal flu might increase the risk of contracting a severe case of pandemic influenza. Another study showed that pregnant women vaccinated against seasonal flu and H1N1 swine flu had high rates of spontaneous abortions. There were 77.8 loss reports per one million pregnant women vaccinated during the 2009 – 2010 season. Other studies showed flu related death rates in the elderly do not improve by increasing vaccination rates and there is no evidence that vaccinating healthcare workers will protect them. Yet another study highlighted the fact that hand washing and teaching children proper hygiene are more effective than vaccines! A 2009 study that cities with the least solar radiation and consequently lowest vitamin D levels had the worst death rates during the 1918 – 1919 flu pandemic.
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6. Ravi Roy and Carola Lage Roy: HOMEOPROPHYLAXIS
Ravi and Carola permeated the lecture hall with a breath of fresh air and were undoubtedly the favorite presenters of the conference. By the time they got to present, we were all feeling rather depressed by the state of affairs the vaccine industry has induced. There was much laughter and hand clapping as this elderly couple gracefully two stepped their way through their Skype call from their home in Bavaria, Germany. Their long lives have been committed to homeopathy and their achievements are considerable. Both have a number of books under their belt and they have considerable experience using homeopathic prophylaxis. Early on they saw that vaccines damage the brain and caused learning problems, they both claim that vaccine damage is very real. Ravi offers a three-day training course in homeoprophylaxis.

Since the beginning of the eighties Ravi and Carola have had experience with children and homeoprophylaxis and have noticed that the effectiveness of the protection could be compromised if the child was acutely sick or even slightly sick when the remedy is given. This is also the case if the remedies are given along with coffee and garlic during that same day. They advise their patients to avoid all stimulating things at least that day and if they are extremely tired or in a bad way emotionally, perhaps angry, then the protection will not be as effective.

“We are not against vaccination, but we think everyone has free will, we will not stop people from vaccinating but we inform and tell about what can happen. Free will is important everyone has to make the decision on their own.”

In 1983 they were asked to write a guide for travelers, they described how people started to use China for malaria prophylaxis. One dose of 200C potency, after six months 1M was given, then followed up in one year with a 10M dose. They did this for about 10 years for people working and living in Africa and found that they were all free of malaria.

Then after twenty-two years they decided they should do some kind of a study. They found a naturopath in Germany who travelled each year to Uganda, she was giving the nosode Malaria officinalis to 6,000 children every year. The school spoke of a miracle they nearly got rid of malaria, before this 55% were infected but after this protocol only 5% were infected.

Ravi and Carola built a school for freedom in Africa as a non-profit organization and all the children get the nosodes to protect them from infectious disease. They also talked about a rabies project they began in 2002; they began to give Lyssin in the 1M potency to dogs that were rounded up. All those dogs that were given the nosode were protected from rabies after being bitten by an infected dog.

In 1986, in the wake of the Chernobyl disaster, they used the remedies Radium bromide and Cesium for those affected and they have continued to use these remedies as a prophylaxis against radiation damage for those living in an area near a nuclear reactor. They have discovered that when these two remedies are taken people do not get diseases normally produced by radiation exposure.

In the early 1980’s the Roy’s described how atopic eczema became somewhat of an epidemic in Germany and they noted that those who had reacted badly to the polio vaccine seemed susceptible to this eczema so they began to use the Polio nosode with their stricken patients.

In the mid 1990’s Carola decided to conduct a homeopathic proving of the Polio nosode as its picture was not yet known in homeopathy. Many people were involved and all recorded their symptoms. She worked out the drug picture and discovered that vaccinations are acting on the soul level and causing trauma. At that time Carola did not know this, she thought that they simply acted physically on the skin, heart, brain etc. Revealing this spiritual infliction was groundbreaking work for sure!

She described how a man who was given the polio vaccine could not leave his house. This started immediately after the vaccination; he was given the Polio nosode and began to feel more confident in himself, and his life quality began to improve. Another case of a pregnant woman was shared. She was given the polio vaccine and subsequently began to feel feeble and weak and could not carry her older child. It was observed that she had polio vaccine damage and was full of FEAR. After she was given the nosode she had a dream that she was under the water that she pushed herself up and felt she was new born and this had an immediate effect on her. Now when Carola sees major FEARS in her patients she gives the Polio nosode as she perceives this is a block to healing, she also maintains that those suffering fertility problems may be affected by the polio vaccine.

Carola went onto share her personal story, which really mirrors that of Hanna Kroeger. When she was 10 years old Carola got the polio vaccine. She described how she had the feeling that something was dangerous on the sugar pill and recalled how there had been a lot of advertising during this vaccine campaign. She says she recalls the smell and this gave her the feeling that something was dangerous and not right. After the vaccination she needed glasses, before the vaccine her eyesight had been good. Dealing with polio-damaged people has had a deep impact on her and she said, “I will do everything in my power to alert parents to the danger of vaccines.” Hanna did the same, it became her life’s work, and Hanna was convinced that the simian monkey virus introduced into the polio vaccine caused the deep trauma to the soul, it is a fear that could not be overcome. Also it seems that this fear, driven by global mass polio vaccine campaigns (in addition to the lies that were spread about the efficacy of the polio vaccine) has contributed to the mass hysterical thirst for more vaccines and greater fear of disease. We have to remember that there is not a vaccine for fear and many people want vaccines because of a fear of disease.

Carola explained how she later began to work with the chakra flower essences, the flowers were discovered through provings she conducted, that they have an affinity to a particular chakra and are made by the sun method in spring water as originally discovered by Edward Bach. Some may be made in the light of the full moon. Flower essence making usually takes place on special energetic days that Carola described as holy days. She especially found that the HEART chakra essence helped cases when vaccine had caused a SHOCK to the soul and the soul became separated from the higher self; victims feel lost in this world and don’t know where they belong. The memory of the true self is lost and some people become autistic because of this separation from their divine. The heart chakra essence heals the heart. Carola perceives that after the vaccine the child is often angry with their parents because they had consented to the vaccine, the essence helps them to forgive and to move on. She also discussed the LIVER chakra flower essence, ideally suited to those children who become aggressive towards their parents and society after vaccination.

When she first worked with these chakra essences she explained that they were put on the hand and licked then after several years of research and experience she discovered that the essence is better if it is put into a cream and applied to the spot where the child was vaccinated. Sometimes they feel that they have just been vaccinated as the memory is brought to the surface, sometimes old wounds have opened or a rash has been observed, as the body wants to rid itself of the toxins. Carola talked about a girl of 14 who had a very bad case of hay fever, she applied the cream every day to her vaccination site and she actually had an open wound for one year as the body went through the process of vaccine detoxification through that wound.

Another case was shared with us, a 75-year-old lady who received the smallpox vaccine and as a child had inflammation of the bladder. Many antibiotics were given and her kidneys became weak through continued vaccines and antibiotic use. She now had to go 3 x a week for kidney dialysis treatment. Carola perceived she had vaccine damage and asked her to daily apply the chakra cream to her smallpox scar, over time it was no longer necessary to go to dialysis as she detoxified the vaccine. Carola maintains that with the chakra cream patients see and feel in their body what is going on.

Carola continued to explain how they had seen vaccines causing brain damage and concentration problems and how the chakra flower essence called The Blue Ray had produced remarkable results. This Blue Ray acts upon the pituitary, hypothalamus and the thyroid. The hypothalamus connects us to the divine but when the vaccines are administered this can become blocked and with the essence they can reconnect.

The Roy’s found a teacher who worked in a middle school in the fifth class. Apparently it was the worse class in the school! Half the children were failing, there were 28 students .Six weeks before the end of the school year 22 were willing to take the essence. They received a drop before the class and at homework time and the children found that it was much better to learn with the essence. At the end of the year 50 % of those who would have failed passed. The Roy’s said they had tested it on hundreds of people in seminars and thousands have used it in Germany to get rid of vaccine damage, people found their connection again. I learnt that the chakra flower essences could also be used for birth and delivery etc. making the experience much less painful.

Carola concluded her advice by explaining that treatment depends upon the individual as to whether you start with the nosode or the cream, there is no routine in this. Sometimes she says it is just not the right time to use the cream and you may have to wait a few months. However, if there is no reaction with the cream then she advises to stop it and go back later, but in her experience there is usually an immediate reaction.

To learn more about their creams, flower essences and books go here: http://www.lage-roy.com
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Harry is a homeopathic doctor who has practiced in the Netherlands since 1987, he is an international teacher and since 1996 has been the editor-in-chief of Homoeopathic Links, an international journal for classical homeopathy. Harry is also a board member of Amma Resonance Healing Foundation (ARHF) a foundation based upon LOVE and CARE for humanity. Peter Chappell is the chairman and the person behind the breakthrough in PC technology for the treatment of AIDS that resulted in the foundation of ARHF. Since 2000 Peter has had a heart felt passion to do something about HIV and AIDS and all of his time has been spent in accomplishing the goals that inspire ARHF. Harry went to Africa in 2004 to help Peter and eventually they co-founded ARHF in 2007, which focuses upon treating epidemics, trauma and endemic diseases in developing countries. Harry trains health professionals in many African countries that now independently treat epidemics, trauma and chronic diseases using PC Resonances provided to them by ARHF.

Harry eloquently told the story of Amma meaning MOTHER. It all began with HIV/ AIDS in Africa and the creation of the remedy called PC 1. Peter Chappell felt he needed to go to Africa to treat AIDS. Peter, originally from England and educated at Cambridge, used to be an engineer. He worked on electromagnetic fields such as credit card strips but his life’s path steered him into homeopathy. He went to Ethiopia to introduce homeopathy and he started to treat AIDS with classical homeopathy and many responded well but he felt his numbers were not good enough. He wanted to find something simple, something that was 100 % effective!

In an epidemic you prescribe for the collective to find the genus epidemicus but Peter could not find a remedy that totally covered HIV. He wrote to others in the homeopathic community to no avail but he did not give up. Through a series of meditations he was inspired to ask divinity for a remedy. Peter had become very aware of a loving presence, that he called THE SOURCE; he got the idea of asking this presence to help him make a remedy for HIV. Peter took in his mind what he had visualized as the genus epidemicus for HIV then he asked the presence if they could help too, he left it “to cook” so to speak and it was given to patients who all returned remarkably better! PC1 eventually manifested (Peter Chappell 1.) This image of the perfectly ordered crystalline structure of the solution of PC1 was captured by Masaru Emoto. Harry claims that all cases of HIV in Africa that Peter and Harry have treated except one have responded well to this remedy.

We also learnt a great deal about malaria, the scourge of Africa, from Harry’s presentation. It is the main killer of all children and adults. Malaria is an infectious disease caused by a plasmodium, which is transmitted from human to human by the bite of the infected female Anopheles mosquitoes. Apparently 80% of all malaria infections happen in Africa, there are four different plasmodiums but the high rate of death is attributed to Plasmodium falciparum. One-child dies every minute of malaria and 10 – 30 % of school children are absent at any one time because they are sick with malaria. Malaria can remain dormant in the body but will often manifest about a week after the patient has had a major frustration. It’s a timely reminder that the mental and emotional level is so important when one considers how one becomes sick! The main feeling in Malaria is that of helplessness in the face of such a frustration.

Harry talked about the creation of PC240m FOR MALARIA and presented successful cases using this remedy. It can be used to both prevent and treat malaria. Malaria treatment with PC240 m is completely safe, non toxic, there are no reported side effects and no therapy resistance as with the pharmaceuticals. It is extremely low cost, in fact the price of water! It takes little time and skill to train people to administer the remedy and above all else it is highly effective! Of 514-recorded cases 465 needed no other treatment for their malaria, a 90 % success rate.

Harry described how one takes a plastic bottle of water, and adds 5 drops of the mother preparation of PC240m., One closes the bottle, bang the bottle five times, take one teaspoon, hold in the mouth for a little while and that’s it. Next time a dose is needed take the plastic bottle and bang the bottle 5 times before taking another teaspoonful. He said that if there was no success then the patient may have typhoid instead therefore, if no effect is observed within a in a few hours, they are advised to take the PC typhoid remedy in the same way or if undecided both PC remedies can be taken a little time apart.

Harry went on to discuss how infectious diseases are intelligent beings and are teachers of mankind, they carry a message that furthers evolution. Effective treatment and prevention should address the role and the purpose of the disease. The question what needs to be killed becomes which purpose needs to be fulfilled? He discussed the collective consciousness of disease, creating coherence with the PC remedies and the effects on morphogenetic fields of groups of people.

He spoke about malaria prevention in the CONGO in 2009. He visited a school of 600 children; they were mainly orphans, many parents had died of AIDS. Harry and his group treated the children with PC Malaria and also treated those with grief and those who had become child soldiers with PC War trauma. He trained the teachers how to give the children their remedy. After a few months there was no more malaria in the school. There was also discussion relating to Amma projects in Malawi and Kenya.

The latest project in Kenya 2014 -2015 is called The Learning Enhancement Africa Program (LEAP). This is a series of PC remedies used to enhance learning school aged children. The problem was with how to most effectively deliver the remedies? Peter and Harry had asked themselves if it would be possible to imprint a piece of music with the PC Remedies. Harry had experimented with this idea 10 years ago. Harry actually treated Lyme disease in himself just by listening to the embedded music!

For LEAP the PC remedy sounds are recorded and easily made available on an USB stick. The LEAP program has three parts. 1. Attendance boosting. 2. Fear and trauma reduction. 3. Intelligence and learning enhancing. The reason for these levels is due to the fact most school aged children in Africa are orphaned either by war or disease. The sicknesses keep them out ofschool and the effects on their nervous system makes it so they cannot learn.

School children listen to the sounds before teaching begins every morning; soon teachers saw that there were no absences. The sounds have even had effects on epilepsy due to birth trauma. The children are doing well and improving with their class work, they are lively, they become attentive when the sounds are played and their stress is reduced. They become better learners.

The Africa 2016 project will be active in Burundi, DR Congo, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda.

ARHF have treated thousands of war victims with PC Trauma, there are a new series of PC remedies for Vaccine Detox and even Ebola. Harry shared with me the data from the Swiss Hospital in Sierra Leone. PC Ebola has been used as a prophylaxis and no new cases have been reported since.

To learn more about their work please visit their website: Www.arhf.nl www.sourcemedicine.zone email: [email protected]
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8. Ananda More: MAGIC PILLS; A Documentary
On Saturday evening Ananda, shared with us a rough cut of the movie she is making on homeopathy and Homeoprophylaxis. Magic Pills is a documentary about how Homeopathy is radically changing the way medicine is practiced all over the world. The film focuses on herself, a 37 year-old mother and Homeopathic practitioner in downtown Toronto who is at a professional crossroads with all the political upheaval regarding homeopathy and the credibility of homeopathy in the eyes of respected scientists. After 8 years of practice, she’s asking herself some hard questions: Is homeopathy what it claims to be, a miraculous and affordable medicine that could cure cancer, AIDS, and even the common cold while saving billions of dollars in healthcare? Or is she practicing a form of placebo and endangering patient’s lives by keeping them from conventional treatment? To find out more go here:


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9. Dr. Andrew Wakefield: PERSPECTIVE ON AUTISM
Andrew started his presentation with a grim look at the incidence of autism for the last 20 years around the world. If predictions are correct by 2032 there will be 1 in 2 children in autism. With incidence of that scale society as we know it will crumble. There will be no government. For every person with autism the non-autism person will have to make enough money for two people. He went to bring a grimmer and grimmer picture of what will happen if they keep adding more vaccines to the schedule and if they force vaccinate the entire population.

In May 1995 Andrew was a gastroenterologist working at The University of London Hospital and ran a large team investigating inflammatory bowel disorders. At that time he received a call from a mother whose son had the MMR vaccine, afterwards he had a fever, became drowsy then “the lights in his eyes went out.” In 1988 – 1989 measles mumps and rubella were combined into a vaccine that became known as the MMR. The mother said that her child had terrible GI symptoms and that was why she had called him. Andrew went to see the main pediatric gastroenterologist of the hospital; they put a team together to investigate. By then they had a handful of patients who presented with consistent GI symptoms. They also began to look into thimerosal, aluminum, other additives etc. in the vaccine to see if they were the cause of such bowel disorders. Their research led to a 250-page report, that was peer reviewed by the top medical doctors in the hospital. It was submitted and published in 1998 in the Lancet. Andrew Wakefield was appalled at how poorly the evidence of safety around the MMR vaccine held up, the very notion that you could take three viruses and put them in the same shot was alarming to him and he declared that he could not support the MMR. “I can only support individual vaccines.” Wakefield told the media and that was the beginning of the end of his career as a medical doctor.

Andrew continued to elaborate on his fall from grace, – the lies, the cover-ups and the whole dirty story that put him in exile from the UK. He said everything we did was ethical and approved by his colleagues but journalists won, the media won and the doctors were shut up. “The bowel disease was synonymous with vaccine injury.” Wakefield exclaimed, “I am not a fan of psychiatry. This autism disorder is not in the mind; it is treatable and does not start in the brain! ”

Of course much has been written about autism over the years and many people have been quick to blame poor mothering, family circumstances, brain damage etc. In fact worldwide research at UC Davies in California shows that GI problems are the most common symptoms with autism. There is a definite link between the bowel and the brain. Andrew pleaded, “listen to the patient, no one knows a child, like their mother, medicine has been wrong about this disease. The most powerful force is maternal instinct.” Andrew told us all to heed the facts. “When a child regresses after MMR, take it seriously. Medicine is about acting in the patient’s interest not the pharmaceutical industry.”

Andrew had a lot to say, as he is a man with a mission, this has become his life’s work, a man to be greatly respected and admired because he is upholding the truth and has the courage to speak out. He said that he would not be quiet whilst so many children are suffering and so many lives have been destroyed. Andrew now lives in Austin, Texas and is working on a film exposing the revelations of the CDC Whistle blower . He left us with this powerful sentiment:

“The only honest answer to what I would do for my own children is that I would not vaccinate until I am convinced of the vaccine safety. CDC has altered the facts and is falsifying evidence driven by a huge pharma influence. Interest is driven by the bottom line, profits, and not by the health of this nation ——- Where there is a risk there must be a CHOICE —– Nothing else matters when the children of this country are at risk, when 1 in 2 will be autistic, ACT NOW.”

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10. Cilla Whatcott: THERE IS A CHOICE
The last presentation of the conference was simple and clear. Basically we have two choices: We can either be run with fear or open ourselves towards love. Fear or disease is what has gotten us into this mess with the vaccine paradigm. In HP we have an opportunity towards love. When talking with parents it is their fear that needs to be abated not that disease needs to be stopped. With the support of homeopathy and HP the acute disease process becomes a part of normal childhood development. We need to learn how to step into that and honor a mother’s gut instinct about the health and safety of her children.
This was a stimulating and motivating conference for all involved, to say the least. All of the presenter’s lectures are available for purchase at http://hpworldwidechoice.com. Don’t just read this article, please, please take some action and spread the word that we have choice and can help our kids!! There is so much to do to move from the money driven, patriarchal prerogative of the vaccine paradigm that is changing the DNA and Neurological status of our children. See how you can be involved. Homeoprophylaxis offers a solution.