Volume 17: November 2015. Homeoprophylaxis (Vol. 17 #3)

Editorial – Richard Pitt

I would like to thank Kate Birch and all the contributors for this edition of the California Homeopath. The subject of homeoprophylaxis (HP) is an important one, not just for homeopaths and other natural health advocates but potentially for millions of people as it addresses questions on the whole issue of disease prevention methods and vaccination across the world.


Words from the Guest Editor – Kate Birch

It is with great pleasure that I offer this montage of papers on the subject of infectious disease and homeopathic prevention and treatment methods to the homeopathic community. Once we may have thought that vaccinations and antibiotics were a god-send. However the questionable safety of the vaccine method, and the subsequent overlook of the possibility that infectious disease may actually serve a purpose to health and human evolution brings to bear a multitude of questions and concerns.