3. Robert Scott Bell

Robert is an extremely charismatic character. Someone ideally suited to hosting his own radio show in the USA. He aims to expose medical scandals and after healing himself of severe medically induced chronic disease in his childhood and becoming a homeopath he passionately claimed, “the power to heal is yours!”

Health sovereignty was discussed, we were told that the most powerful weapon we have is our consent and the ability to withdraw our consent when we have been violated. Healing is a birthright and it does not require permission. He talked at length about our toxic and deficient bodies with a particular focus on the gut, brain connection and food being our medicine. Particular reference was made to whole foods with Selenium -apparently a lot of people are deficient in this and cancer can be prevented with this. We learnt how Chromium – protects against chromosomal defects. Today our food is genetically altered and how we live on quite a different planet from that known to Samuel Hahnemann! Most food is devoid of adequate vitamins; minerals and trace minerals these days.

Robert reminded us that it is the terrain that determines a state of health or disease not the pathogen. Where is health sovereignty destroyed he asks?

With vaccination – especially when the hepatitis B shot is given to a newborn, we immediately destroy the intestinal terrain.
This Vaccine contains:
• Antibiotics
• Additives
• Preservatives
• Flavorings
• Colorings
• Pesticides
• Herbicides
• Fungicides
• Mercury
• GMO Yeast upon which the antigen is incubated

Robert addressed the BIG question being asked by so many Americans, “why can’t I lose weight?” Exposure to toxins, overuse of antibiotics, destroying the gut and sugar are the villains. “Our present healthcare system is a dying animal.” He talked about bowel nosodes, candida, gut inflammation, probiotics and the body’s many cries for WATER. We did not know that candida strains are used in the manufacture of chocolate!